Red Wedding: A Reaction from the North

Okay. So tonight’s Game of Thrones…

I’m probably going to be in mourning for a while. I was really rooting Robb and Talisa’s love story and Catelyn’s slow acceptance – that look she gave them in the wedding hall before “Rains of Castamere” started playing… All I could think about was the first time Robb and Talisa met; she was dirty and cutting off a guy’s leg and he running around telling his men not to kill the prisoners. Their love was genuine, albeit a little bloody. Sure he made a promise, but what’s that compared to love? Nothing. They cared about people and each other and they would have made it, darn it!


Since I started watching the show before reading the series, I had been torn between wanting Dany or Robb to rule the kingdoms (but what the heck do I know).



Pros: She’s a boss. She has dragons. She doesn’t believe in slavery. She’s got the killer stare down.

Cons: She’s the daughter of the Mad King so she could very well turn out to be a leetle crazy. And I just wish she would just realize her love for Jorah – but that’s besides the point.



Pros: He’s fighting for his family. He cares about his people. He’s a romantic. He’s handsome.

Cons: He just cares too much. Cared too much. Agh.

Did One Have to Die for the Other?


Thinking about two of my favorite characters (can’t forget Tyrion), I can’t help but notice a few similarities between the two. The lists continue:

1. Their fathers were murdered (by Lannisters for that matter)

2. They were betrayed by their brothers (Robb’s “brother” being Theon, who I would really just like to figure out what’s happening to him and if he actually got his, you know, “manhood” taken away)

3. They lost their significant others/unborn children right when they were the happiest.

4. They are compassionate – both wanting to treat their armies and followers fairly. This turned out to be Robb’s fatal flaw; he cared too much, followed his heart, and faced a gruesome death.

Will the same happen to Dany? She might have learned the consequences of love after Khal Drogo, but she was giving Long Hair sideway glances… but she has her dragons. And a ton of unsullied.

In spite of this, it was my second favorite episode this season. The first one being when everyone was happy, Talisa told Robb she was pregnant, and Jon and Ygritte were going to die for each other (mixed feelings about his getaway). But, I forget, this is Game of Thrones.

So tonight I’ll be dreaming of Robb opening his eyes, carrying Talisa off to a secret castle in the woods, and teaching little Eddard how to ride horses. Or of Richard Madden as Prince Charming, because it’s a thing.


Richard Madden’s Interview with EW


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