When You’re Home Alone With Your Dog

aka Gigi aka Luigi aka Little Prince

It’s raining today, and I’m home alone with my dog (and sister). Our day so far:

Stayed in bed until 11:30 am.

Wondered around downstairs aimlessly.

Commented on Jeter’s vampire-like sleeping habits (belly up, fangs out).

Watched Sex and the City marathon. Jeter is in awe of Samantha and her sexual antics.

Scared him with the vacuum.

Apologized and sent him upstairs (he and my sister bonded while I labored).

Came back downstairs and started watching the Law and Order: SVU marathon. I don’t think he likes it as much as SATC.

Sang to him in dog-language.

Celebrated Rafa’s win over Djokovic (which was me yelling and him staring).

Shared the last of my yogurt.

Told him I was going to blog about him (blink blink).


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