My Favorite Ryan Gosling Role


As much as I love The Notebook and Crazy, Stupid Love and The Place Beyond the Pines, Lars is still my favorite Gosling.

Unlike Noah or Jacob (whom I both love dearly), he’s a shy guy, to the point where he can’t even handle the idea of giving a girl a flower.

Gets me every time.

So he goes online and gets himself a girlfriend – completely okay for today’s standards.

Her name is Bianca.

She is a sex doll.


Why don’t I hold this against him?

Because Ryan plays this role delicately and sincerely. He does not create a creepy character, but a timid one. He expresses Lars’s sensitivity with averted eyes and cautious movements, his voice barely above a murmur. Gosling wants his audience to be patient with Lars, understanding him through his understated actions – like avoiding handshakes and pretty much all physical contact.

His family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors are encouraged by his doctor to go along with the relationship, allowing us to see Lars interact with Bianca, the supposed woman of his dreams (or online universe).

Lars is both pleased and confused by this, and his sessions with doctor explore his true reasons for creating Bianca.

Ryan’s portrayal of Lars is an honest one – he is a strange and quiet man, but one who is trying to understand his anxieties and get past them, just like the rest of us.

If I couldn’t say it in words, how much I love Ryan Gosling as Lars, I’ll let it translate into dance:


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