6 Passive Aggressive Ways To Subtly Get Your Crush’s Attention

Thought Catalog

6 Passive Aggressive Ways To Subtly Get Your Crush’s Attention

1. Stalk their life schedule and ‘coincidentally’ run into them. Make things happen by accident on purpose. If you know via one of the 2,437 active social networks that they’re currently at the coffee shop a few blocks away, maybe you suddenly crave a cup of Joe yourself. Polish those acting chops so you can turn on the high pitched surprised voice and the wide-eyed, Taylor-Swift-just-won-an-award-and-she-can’t-believe-it expression when you unexpectedly come face to face with your crush. Make the most of what will likely be a brief encounter, as this is a great opportunity to have their full attention and exchange numbers or make plans before parting ways. 

2. Befriend one of their friends. Obviously going as far as developing an actual friendship with someone for the sole purpose of knowing somebody else is ludicrous, and has shades of something that would happen in a terrible romantic comedy (one…

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