Why I’m Going to Watch “The Bridge”

As much as I love summer, nights on the couch can be a little rough – no “Park and Rec” or “New Girl” or any of my other weekly regulars. Sure there is the occasional SVU marathon binge and I admittedly watch “Pretty Little Liars” (what are those girls going to get into this week? what will they be wearing?) but I NEED something – and I think “The Bridge” is going to be it.


1. Twisted Plot(s)

A body is found on the border of Mexico and New Mexico. But not just any body *TWIST* the top of a New Mexican judge and the bottom of a lost Mexican teenage girl. While they’re trying to figure all of that out, there is also *SPOILER ALERT* a woman who loses her husband and finds a secret cell phone and key with his belongings. And while she’s trying to figure that out, there’s a reporter who almost gets blown up in his car.

How are they all connected?

By one twisted killer – that has already been introduced.

I’m assuming.

Not too sure where the rancher is going yet. There’s a secret cellphone, secret key, secret building, secret room…you should watch it.


2. Apparently it’s a remake of a Swedish drama.

A Swede also wrote the Dragon Tattoo series.

I am Swedish.

I am going to watch “The Bridge.”

It’s rational.


3. Diane Kruger and Demian Bichir

Kruger is Sonya Cross, an El Paso detective with Aspergers; it’s not a new idea, but it will definitely add to the character development. She is smart and focused, but has a hard time relating to people emotionally and socially, so being forced to work with a new partner on what she believes to be “her homicide case” will be interesting to watch.

And I loved “Inglorious Basterds.”

Bichir is Marco Ruiz, a detective from the rough city of Juarez, who takes on the homicide with Sonya. As Marco gets to know Sonya, so do we. With the exception of her boss (who has hinted at retiring), her coworkers refer to her as being “odd” and “a wacko,” so Marco may be the one to finally befriend her.

Already looking up where I can watch “A Better Life.”


4. Did I mention Meredith Stiehm is producing/writing it?


Cold Case.



5. Don’t let the poster deter you. It’s better than that.


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