Put on the Cape, Ben

There are a lot of posts and comments and blogs and discussions out there arguing that Ben Affleck should not be the next Batman. The uproar is understandable – Christian Bale has been the one and only caped crusader for almost a decade and the idea of someone else blasting through Gothem City is a little strange.

My first and most important question: CAN HE DO THE BATMAN GROWL?

If Ben could just give us some of that before the movie comes out, I’ll feel a little better.

But in any case, let’s give the guy the chance to put on the cape.

I don’t know anything about the comic that the next installment is based on, but based on Ben’s previous performances, I think he has a lot to offer.

Batman is humanized by his misfortunes.

He fights for the people, for their justice.

But sometimes comes off as a bit of a nuisance to the actual authorities.

And he can’t help but love the woman he can never have.

I think Ben could be a great Batman – even if he once sided with the other team.


Entertainment Weekly’s take on the matter:



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