Where’s Winston?

Winston. Winston. Winston.

No, wait. This isn’t his fault.

Ever since Winston and Daisy broke up (and maybe even Winston and Shelby), Winston’s character has been spiraling out of control. He doesn’t know what to do with his life, his free-time, or even his pants?

What I’m getting from this: single people are weird.



But that doesn’t mean Winston can’t have a storyline…

Since Winston has entered singledom, we’re supposed to just go along with the fact that he is terrible at puzzles…

is obsessed with cats…terrible at pranks…color blind…and now allergic to MSG?

In the first season of New Girl, Jess got all the flack for being too quirky, so they had her settle down a bit; but now that she’s with Nick (which I love), it is as if the Quirky Crown has been passed down to Winston. And Lamorne Morris works with it, he puts so much energy in his  performances that he deserves to be given more than a broken wheelchair he found in a ditch.

With the arrival of Coach, I’m worried that Winston is becoming even more of a forgotten character because the “New Guy” already has farther trajectory (broke up with his girlfriend, moved back in the loft, needs confirmation that he can still coach, as Coach…).

My ideas?

Schmidt and Winston share the loft across the hall.

Sure it’s supposed to be Schmidt’s space, but I was looking forward to seeing how their friendship grew in the midst of the Nick/Jess relationship – they thrived together in their weirdness! Winston helping Schmidt find his “CeCe fish” is one of my favorite episodes to date. Now that Coach is back in the picture, Schmidt and Winston are going to need each other.

Give the guy a girl.

He survived Daisy’s cheating and restrained from murdering Ferguson, so I think he has proven himself ready for the next relationship. It would also influence the actions of the other newly single men, Coach and Schmidt – the jealousy! the confusion! the possibilities!

Let him be good at something.

Why do all of his quirks have to be strange? And why couldn’t he just train with Nick and Coach?? He played basketball too! He’s not that off-balance!

Winston was a great nanny, maybe he could be a great teacher and give Jess a run for her money – start off as a tutor and just keep escalating to substitute and then just get his degree out of the blue because that’s what happens in television!

All I’m saying is, Lamorne Morris is too gosh darn talented to be left behind, he should be defying gravity.

Cue music!


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