Winston’s Found Himself a Woman

I found him under the steps eating a dead raccoon's eyeball. Your cat's a psycho.
I found him under the steps eating a dead raccoon’s eyeball. Your cat’s a psycho.

Bertie, a red-headed bus driver who dishes out bologna sandwiches, but (thankfully?) not pudding in a cup.

So the big question is, is Bertie a one-episode fling or a season-long romance?

Bertie: I’d rather stay home and watch Grey’s with him [her hamster Hotchkiss]than go out to some bar, try to impress  some douchebag dressed as a lumberjack. I am done chasing men.

Winston: I hear that. I am so done chasing women.

Bertie: That’s too bad.

While she and Winston take part in a dizzying rapport that reveals them to be one in the same, there was one detail she revealed that could be interesting in their maybe-relationship: she’s had her “tubes tied.”

Now, I’m only interested in this because of what was noted in my last post, that Winston is great with kids – a one-time Nanny Extraordinaire – and I couldn’t help but picture Bertie and Winston that far down the road; after all, it’s not everyday you meet someone that you can share a Pepto Bismol cocktail with before getting it on in the bathroom.

So what do the writers of New Girl have in mind for Bertie and Winston?

Possible scenarios:

– Winston brings Bertie back to the loft for a Ferguson/Hotchkiss play date and Nick’s plan backfires, the new couple finding recluse in each other and their pets.

– Bertie takes Winston on her bus and hi-jinx ensue (whether it be on a public or school bus) – the bus not returning until the show figures out Winston’s future.

– Bertie’s confidence in herself inspires Winston to get out of his funk and this either strengthens their love or serves as an exit for Bertie.

I like Bertie. I like how comfortable she is with herself and that she’s a new kind of woman on the show – she’s curvy, drives a bus, serves iffy bologna sandwiches, and has no problem saying what’s on her mind.

In the first season of New Girl, there were discussions about Jess’s overt girliness, some people arguing that it was a step back for women. The writers, in return, delivered my favorite episode, “Jess & Julia,” highlighting that there should not be one type of feminist role model because there is not one type of woman. Jess is strong while still being girly, CeCe is strong while still be sexy, and now, Bertie is strong while still being womanly (and they all, of course, have more to them than those singular characteristics). Bertie not only offers the chance to help steer Winston, but to also introduce another dynamic female character on television.


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