“The Mindy Project” at PaleyFest 2014: A Recap

The night…was magical. There really isn’t any other way to describe it. When I got back to my apartment, I just scrolled through my hundreds of seemingly-similar photos (no, you see, Mindy’s hand is pointing at me in this one) for two hours, trying to edit the crazed look out of my eyes.

I wish I was kidding.

For the avid TV-watcher, PaleyFest is a rare opportunity to hear their favorite actors talk candidly, revealing inside jokes and busting each other for adorable quirks (like Ike Barinholtz waddle-walking as Ed Weeks). There is an interviewer, but the conversation easily and delightfully strays elsewhere (like Mindy Kaling reminding Chris Messina that he loves Dustin Hoffman).

If you’re in the first section and wave your arm wildly enough, you can ask a question, and maybe even snap your fingers for Mindy Kaling’s attention (Comb-Over Guy barely pulled this off); but if you’re like me, stuck up in the nosebleeds, there’s a huge screen to zoom in on Chris Messina every time he smiles bashfully.





When I first walked into the theater and everyone was crowded together, I met a girl who flew in from MINNESOTA.

If you’ve been convinced, next year be sure to:

1. Get your tickets on Goldstar.

My roommate and I bought ours only a week in advance and got mezzanine seats for $21 – if not for our ignorance, we could have gotten even closer!

2. Arrive early.

We walked into the theater about 30 minutes early, giving us plenty of time to poke around notice that a group of girls were huddled around the stairs trying to get a glimpse of the actors walking along the first level’s mini red carpet; while we were a few minutes late for Mindy, we did manage to see the upper-halves of Zoe Jarman (Betsy), Beth Grant (Beverly), and Xosha Roquemore (Tamra)! Yay for sketchy, slanted iPhone photos!

3. Embrace your inner fan-girl.

I love The Mindy Project.

I love the characters, the plot lines, the witticisms, and laughing at Ike Barinholtz every time he trips over nothing.

So when they showed us the next episode of Mindy – post plane-kiss – I squealed. Like a little girl.

And when they announced each actor one by one – I clapped. Until my hands were sore.

And when the cast cracked each other up – I laughed. Too loudly.

Because it’s PaleyFest! The celebration of excellent television, terrifically talented actors, and overzealous fans! Who cares if the two girls behind you are rolling their eyes at the stupid grin that’s been stretched across your face since the lights first flickered – it’s a night for nerdiness!

4. Rush the stage.

Since we were up in the balcony, we weren’t officially allowed to rush the stage like a pack of rabid ponies (picture it) so we just sighed over the railing and imaged the amount of people we would hit in the face to get close to Chris Messina’s sneaker. To our luck, a kind theater employee came up to us and said with a smile-shrug, “Go ahead.”

So we bolted.

And we shoved/pushed/stretched – wait that reminds me

5. Bring something to get signed.

Even though we were up in the mezzanine, I brought my copy of Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (And Other Concerns) just in case a guardian angel dressed in movie theater uniform showed up. And he did.

So we shoved/pushed/stretched until we reached the edge of the stage where Mindy was signing magazines and books – including mine.


5 1/2. Unless the actors are as awesome as the cast of The Mindy Project and stay an extra hour to snap selfies with as many people as possible.

Ah! There I am! In the red sweater! Exuding my sheer happiness!
Ah! There I am! In the red sweater! Exuding my sheer happiness!

Chris Messina (handing back my phone): Did you have fun tonight?

Me: YES.


*all original photos*


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