Get to the Getty

Since moving to Los Angeles, I’ve visited The Getty Museum about…10 times. It’s my favorite weekend excursion.

Never been?

The Paul J. Getty Center in L.A. showcases European and American paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, and manuscripts. You can also check out the Getty Villa in Malibu (focuses on the works of ancient Greece and Rome).

Can’t be inside all day?

You won’t be – the Getty Center’s exhibitions are separated by building so that you can enjoy the hilltop air in between viewings. There’s also a cute cafe and a gift shop with plenty of seating in the sun.

Don’t like art museums?

Art is dependent on its audience – it’s all about what it means to you, so it’s okay if you don’t get what the big deal is about Monet – but you might be intrigued by Manet (or vice versa, or not). It can all change once you see the pieces in person.

So get to the Getty!

Here are a few of my favorites:















See it before it’s gone:

Werner Herzog: Hearsay of the Soul is showing until April 20, 2014.

Pictures aren’t allowed, so check out the page on the Getty website.


*all original photos*


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