Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple: Preview of a Book Review



When Bee’s illusive mother, Bernadette, disappears in the midst of planning a family trip to Antartica, Bee investigates the trail of emails and memories leading to Bernadette’s meltdown.

I’m only halfway done, but here are some of my favorite excerpts so far:

Bernadette’s Email

“Ten years ago I saw a documentary on the siege of that Moscow theater. After just forty-eight hours of the terrorists confining the hostages to their seats with no sleep, the lights blazing, and being forced to pee their pants – although if they had to shit, they could do so in the orchestra pit – well, more than a few hostages just stood up and walked to the exit knowing they’d get shot in the back. Because they were DONE. My point is this. I’m getting really scared about the trip to Antartica.”


Bee’s Narration

“Our house is old. All day and night it cracks and groans, like it’s trying to get comfortable but can’t, which I’m sure has everything to do with the huge amount of water it absorbs any time it rains.”


Bernadette’s Letter to Friend

“Greetings from sunny Seattle, where women are ‘gals,’ people are ‘folks,’ a little bit is a ‘skosh,’ if you’re tired you’re ‘logy,’ if something is slightly off it’s ‘hinky,’ you can’t sit Indian-style but you can sit ‘crisscross applesauce,’ when the sun comes out it’s never called ‘sun’ but always ‘sunshine,’ boyfriends and girlfriends are ‘partners,’ nobody swears but someone occasionally might ‘drop the f-bomb,’ you’re allowed to cough but only into your elbow, and any request, reasonable or unreasonable, is met with ‘no worries.’ Have I mentioned how much I hate it here?”


The witty narrations, vivid descriptions, and unique plot are just three reasons to start reading this book.

Full book review to come!





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