Quiet Favorites

These movies whisper their awesomeness, and I like them even more for it.

1. Paper Man

Jeff Daniels, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds

A lonely writer, imaginary friends, and Ryan Reynolds as a bleach blonde superhero….need I say more?

2. Lars and the Real Girl

Ryan Gosling

By some sort of magic, I notice something new about this movie every time I watch it.

3. Dogfight

River Phoenix, Lili Taylor

River is better known for his memorable performances in Stand By Me, Running On Empty (Oscar nom), and My Own Private Idaho, but Dogfight is the one I’ve watched fifty times and counting.

4. Ceremony

Michael Angarano, Uma Thurman, Lee Pace, Jake Johnson

When I first watched this, I wanted to know who this zany actor named Jake Johnson was and where he would be next – thank you New Girl!

5. Safety Not Guaranteed

Aubrey Plaza, Mark Duplass, Jake Johnson

Hey, it’s Nick (again)! And April (Parks and Rec)! And Brendan (Mindy Project)! Weird.

6. TiMer

Emma Caufield, John Patrick Amedori

What if there was a device that could determine when you’re going to meet “The One”? What if that device doesn’t work on you?

7. 28 Hotel Rooms

Chris Messina, Marin Ireland

A one-night stand turns into a 28-roomed affair…and maybe something more? This would definitely make Danney Castellano uncomfortable.



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