The Big Move

So I did it.

I moved from the east coast to the west.

Things I’ve learned so far?

1. Beeping – drivers are quick to remind me with one quick HONK that I don’t know where I’m going.

2. Juice Bars – this is a known fact, but I still find it fascinating. I tried a sip of my sister’s greenish blend and….eh. I’ll stick with a smoothie or heck, just give me a chewable meal.

3. Shopping, Shopping Everywhere – big spenders in big places, places I’ve never even heard of. Cotton On? Brandy Melville? I need to find a job.

4. It’s orrrrrrganiccc – everything that is.

5. Movie Theaters – every street, every block, every page in the newspaper. Some even just play two movies – racy drama next to a family fun film. One ticket for Don Jon, please.

6. The Industry – the name given to those “enslaved” to the entertainment business (as described by a lovely neighbor I met today). He also told me to get a sharper knife.

7. THERE’S A 9% SALES TAX? 9%???????

8. There is traffic at all hours. And the crosswalks aren’t any better.

9. You can charge your “electric” car in the parking garage?

10. The pizza is….eh.